A machine breakdown is always a big and uninvited cost in business. It is necessary to minimize this downtime and better yet to know the way to avoid and protect those problems before hand.

A maintenance team of Thaisakol Group can provide the immediate service to the customers as well as technical advice and operating instruction as needed.

Contact: (662)735-9901-4
E-mail : mservice@thaisakolgroup.com




Tel. (662)736-2490-1
E-mail: tks@thaisakolgroup.com


The first fully-equipped facility that can provide a service to any type of cutting tools used in the industry.
Not only sharpening, we treat a tool with the enhanced service to ensure its highest performance.

The first in Thailand to be able to erode PCD tools to the finest surface quality by the cutting-edge technology from Vollmer.

Capable to service TCT circular saw blades up to 2.20 m in diameter and industrial knives up to 5 m in length.



Equipped with 60 high-quality machines including a number of high-tech CNC machines from the world most renowned, Vollmer.


Operated by more than 30 experienced technicians.


High-quality controlled by well-trained QC unit


Aim to reduce the business total cost.

Lead time of service is within 3-7 days.


Service Range

PCD circular saw blades

PCD profile cutters

PCD tooling

TCT circular saw blades

TCT profile cutters

TCT tooling

Cold saw blades

TA cold saw blades (Throw-away type)

HSS circular saw blades (Metal saw blades)

HSS segmental saw blades

Friction saw blades

Paper cutting knives

Shear blades

Slitter Knives



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